The Mini Rosetta Tarot – A Review


The Mini Rosetta Tarot

When I saw this deck on AT, I had to get it. There are so few Thoth-based decks out there that I actually enjoy the art for, but this deck really caught my eye. The vivid colors, interesting and reversable card backs, and imagery that stays true to the Thoth tradition without being a carbon copy to Crowley’s and Lady Frieda’s Thoth deck was really quite refreshing. Unfortunately, the full-sized deck was sol out…Although there is hope on the horizon as the creator has been talking about making a second edition with a papyrus border instead of the black (Personally, it’s not my thing because I feel like the black is ab better contrast to the colors, but a link to the post about it can be found here.)

The mini version is a “pocket sized” edition and comes in a small tin. It’s a basic metal tin with an image of the card backing on the front. The inside is lined with a satin-like fabric in either red or blue. It comes with a black card stating what number of the limited 555-deck run you received as well as a separate significator card with your name written in Egyptian hieroglyphics. I thought this was a nice touch as it allows you to use the full deck instead of having to select a significator card from the deck and working with a 77-card deck instead per reading. Of course, if you don’t want to use it for a significator card, you can use it as a little piece of art.

The images are beautiful. The cardstock is a little thin, but I don’t mind it. It shuffles well with minimal wear. The colors are all bright and vivid and really pop against the black borders. The Major Arcana has the Roman numerals and the card title on them while the minors have the card titles and a keyword for the ace-10 and the court name for the court cards.

I have been testing the deck for about two weeks now. The deck works very well. I have to say it reads very intuitvely for me and so far the readings have been dead-on. It gives solid advice and it’s an easy deck to jump into while also having deep layers of symbolism.

I would highly recommend this deck to anyone who wants to try a Thoth-based deck or who enjoys the Thoth tradition.

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